Plank Exercise App

The Plank Exercise App is the only app you need to develop and strengthen your core when doing the plank exercise.

The App comes with the following great features :

Plank Music Mode

Plank to your favourite music. The music will be controlled by the timer and as a result will greatly help you improve your core strength as you no longer worry about the timer.

Built-in Personal Trainer Mode

The built-in Personal Trainer mode will automatically adjust your plank target time based on your plank strength.

Combination Plank Workout

Combine all your plank exercises into a single-powerful workout with user defined rest periods between each plank exercise.

Plank For Personal Best

Focus on holding the plank position for as long as possible and see if you can beat your personal best.

Download Now.

You Won't Plank Without It.

Choosing a Healthy Lifestyle

If you have decided to start living a healthier lifestyle, let me start by congratulating you for making a wise choice. It can sometimes be difficult to break unhealthy and bad habits and to try and replace them with healthy habits. It will take hard work and some commitment on your part to achieve where you want to be on the health scale.

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